Our company has a wide range of heavy & light equipment suitable for virtually any given task. Our fleet of heavy & light equipment is primarily comprised of highly reliable equipment with low accumulated operating hours, and is based on leading international manufacturers. The equipment can be leased either on a standalone basis, or along with an accompanying technical and operational staff.

Irrigation Equipment

  • Homogenized quality of product
  • Stabilized moisture
  • All year availability
  • Increased storage stability – less produce lost
  • Lower risk of microbial contamination


When a hay farmer uses solar radiation, it is more difficult to control the level of radiation and the hay can become yellow from oxidation.  In the case of alfalfa leaves, avoiding direct sun radiation will preserve the delicate leaves, which are the true source of nutrition.
Our hay dryers are optimized to dry hay with maximum moisture between 12-16% down to the desired moisture level.


The first cutting is taken at the bud stage, and the subsequent cuttings just as the field is beginning to flower as the carbohydrate rate at this stage is the highest


In fact, our bale sizes (packages) are designed for different types of animal feed operations anywhere in the world. For example, small dairies and trading companies tend to prefer the natural press small bale Alfalfa packages for their ease of handling. Conversely, large dairy farms and distribution companies tend to prefer double pressed bales.


Our dehydrated Alfalfa is separated into two weight categories. For local farms we have standard bales which are approximately 15 kg each. For efficient transportation we have additional double pressed bales.

  • Parameters: 60/40/30
  • Weight: 22-25 kg

Protein level ≥20%

Our Clients are:

  • High performance livestock
  • Compound feed manufacturers
  • Dairy Farms
  • Race Horse Centers


  • Place of Production: Georgia
  • Seed – Romeo Giant
  • Plant Length: 50-60sm
  • Protein level: ≥ 20%
  • Moisture: 12-16%
  • Color: Green.